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  • 2. March 2020

    Starting now there is direct peering with Deutsche Telekom

    We at Hetzner Online want our customers to have strong network connections and an overall positive experience. We continually strive to improve our network connections to meet growing demand and to transfer higher volumes of data.

    Up until now, we offered our customers a Double Paid Traffic Option for a small fee so that customers who really needed a high-performance connection to DTAG could get one. DTAG has not been open to cost-neutral peering agreements that are common in the telecommunications industry. We disapproved of their policy because it pays them for data tranfer twice: once from DTAG customers, and a second time from providers.

    Unfortunately, for some time, a growing number of customers have been experiencing massive connectivity issues and are looking for alternatives. And this naturally caused us concern. That is why we decided to enter an agreement with DTAG and set up a direct connection to their network.

    Starting on 1 March 2020, all of our customers gained access to direct peering with DTAG's network free of charge!

    You can find more detailed information about our network connections here:

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