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  • 10. March 2020

    New Dedicated Root Server AX161: Take it to the next level of performance

    Starting now we have a new server in store for you: the Dedicated Root Server AX161. Our product development team answered some questions about the new EPYC-based model:

    AMDs second generation of EPYC CPUs have been eagerly awaited. What is the reason behind that?

    AMD has continued to do several things to improve the Zen 2 architecture of the EPYC from its first generation (Napels) to this generation (Rome), and these improvements, in turn, have really taken things to the next level.

    In our model, the AX161, we are using the EYPC 7502P, which has 32 cores and 64 threads. That means there's 8 more cores and 16 more threads than the previous generation. Each of these cores has speeds that are up to 40 % quicker in Rome than in Naples. When you think of the 8 cores and their ability to power through work that requires multiple threads, plus that up to 40 % improvement, our customers can expect to see speeds roughly twice as quick as with our Naples-based model.

    How did AMD do that?

    They've been shifting the architecture so that more things run directly on the CPU itself rather than on the mainboard, things like PCI lanes and I/O hubs. They've reduced the number of NUMA nodes as well. All this decreases structural latency. Now AMD has built the first 7nm x86 processor. They're really pushing innovation in the market.

    And they thought about security, too, and included additional security features into EPYC's architecture. AMD's integrated and dedicated Secure Processor supports Secure Memory Encryption (SEM), Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), and a secure platform boot (a hardware-validated boot).

    What kinds of use cases did you design the AX161 for?

    Well, the EPYC line is designed for data center level usage and and it´s Name is fitting. It´s performance really is epic. So it is perfect for anything that requires multi-threaded processing. We expect that customers will use them for virtualization, and use cases like Big Data, AI and machine learning. Plus, there's rendering and other video or graphical processing that you can do with it.

    One of our goals was to make the AX161 very flexible. So customers can choose what kind of storage they want, and they can add up to 8 drives. The base model comes with 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, but customers can add more. They can put on more in 32 GB increments, all the way up to a max of 512 GB. By building this flexibility into our model, it will give the customer a wider base of professional applications. Customers can change their configurations later on, as well. So as someone's requirements increase or decrease, they can scale up or down as needed.

    Now you can get your hands on our new model starting at a monthly price of €119 and a once-off setup fee of €119.

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