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  • 18. March 2019

    Fast and reliable - the new PX62-NVMe and PX62 Dedicated Root Servers

    Lots of coffee, sweat and tears - is that what it takes to bring new dedicated root server models to market?! Actually, it's more like collecting the best samples and doing weeks of testing according to our product developers. But what kind of criteria do they look for? One of the members of our product development team explained the process behind the new PX models in more detail.

    "In general, finding the best price-performance ratio for both us and our customers is the key. Efficiency and feasibility in terms of power consumption and cooling also play an important role for all components. Using these factors, we aimed to design the optimal product for customers who want professional-grade servers.  

    We wanted to base the new servers on a high-performance CPU with 6 cores, an integrated graphics unit and Hyper-Threading technology. In the end, we shortlisted three different processors. We performed extensive testing and analysis of their performance, prices, and TDP (thermal design power), meaning their power consumption and waste heat. In the end, the Intel® Xeon® E-2176G Hexa-Core processor, which is based on the new Coffee Lake architecture, came out on top.

    For the RAM, we opted for 64 GB of DDR4 with ECC. The ECC (error correcting code) ensures high reliability and data security. These components are included in the basic configuration of both servers. The difference between these two models lies with their drives.

    We mounted NVMe Datacenter SSDs on the PX62-NVMe to ensure high access speed, end-to-end data protection and power loss protection. With 2 x 960 GB, we now have almost doubled the storage space compared to the predecessor for this model.

    For those who need even more space and value long-term, secure storage of large amounts of data, the PX62 with two 8 TB SATA Enterprise HDDs is the perfect choice.

    We always want to introduce cutting edge products to the market, and with the new models, we have not only developed servers that are very efficient, but also offer the best performance for our customers' use cases."

    Now it's up to you. Check out both of these servers and decide which model is best for you.

    For an overview of all PX models go here.

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