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  • 4. March 2019

    Awesome to the core: the new Dedicated Root Server AX100

    Be flexible and profit from amazing core performance with our new Dedicated Root Server AX100 and its AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 2950X.  

    This CPU, with its Zen+ architecture, is famous for pushing each core to its full potential. We've combined it with 128 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM, allowing you to utilize the AX100 for a variety of use-cases. With this model, our designers have now closed the gap between our PX92 and AX160 server models.

    Our team has been hard at work benchmarking the AX100 and the results are in. The AX100 is already impressive with its 16 cores, but with its high clock rate, you'll be able to use it for applications with heavy multi-threaded requirements and for virtualization. The AX100 out-performs the AX160 servers in single-thread applications like databases, game servers, and video rendering and editing. Several single-thread benchmarks showed a performance increase of up to 40 percent compared with the AX160 servers.

    To top it all off, this model is highly customizable. There are no default disks on the base configuration. This gives you a free hand to pick exactly which disks best fit your requirements. Our convenient configurator will adapt the price for your server's configuration in real time.

    Check out the full overview for the AX100's features and prices:

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