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  • 7. February 2022

    Hetzner Storage Share and Storage Box: Data storage and management made easy

    Making backups of your data is essential for preventing data loss. And more and more people are using online storage services to share images, videos, and documents, and for backing up their data. These two use cases are the reason that Hetzner created its Storage Shares and Storage Boxes. Both products keep your data secure and comply with the EU's data protection regulations, the GDPR. In addition, our data centers have ISO 27001 certification. And our RAID system protects Storage Shares and Storage Boxes from data loss.

    Storage Boxes are designed for backing up files. You can access your saved data on Storage Boxes at any time and from any place with an internet connection. You can use them as a stand alone storage product like an external drive. Another option is to order them bound to a specific server. Large files are not a problem at all. Storage Boxes support protocols like FTP, SFTP, SMB, Rsync, Borg, and WebDAV. In addition, the traffic to and from your Storage Box is unlimited. With our range of Storage Box packages, you can choose from a storage size of 1 to 20 TB. Prices start at the low cost of just € 2.90 a month.

    See more Storage Box details here.


    Storage Share is our managed file sharing service based on Nextcloud. The user-friendly graphical user interface allows you to access your Storage Share via a web browser, add or remove other users, and drag and drop files so you can upload, download, and share them. Our Storage Shares also include unlimited internal and external traffic.

    The newest Storage Share function is its ability to make automated backups. Several times a day, a backup will be made of your Storage Share, which you can use to restore your Storage Share. You can also easily pick and choose apps from Nextcloud’s store to install on your Storage Share and add more functions to it. Storage Share packages are available for as little as € 3.90 a month. In a few quick clicks, you can up or downgrade your Storage Share whenever you need to.

    Check out more information about our Storage Shares.


    This helpful Hetzner Docs article compares and contrasts Storage Box and Storage Share features side by side.


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