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  • 01. February 2021

    Break through to new dimensions with the Dedicated Root Server AX101

    From virtualization to content creation — nothing stands between you and the horizon with our new Dedicated Root Server AX101. This model, equipped with AMD's Ryzen™ 9 5950X, doesn't fit in a conventional CPU class. Officially, the 16 core, 32 thread CPU with Zen 3 architecture is a desktop processor. But its stellar performance on practically every metric, on both multi- and single-threaded performance, takes it to the next dimension.

    You can put the AX101's hardware to work. It comes with 128 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM and two 3.84 TB datacenter NVMe SSDs, so you'll have plenty of memory and storage to handle a wide-range of use cases. Got growing resource requirements? It's quick and easy to add more drives for a small fee. You'll power through your challenging workloads more quickly and efficiently with the AX101, a workhorse you can rely on.

    Get mind-blowing performance for the down-to-earth price of € 99 a month and a one-time setup fee of € 99 (without VAT). 



    *We can only accept pre-orders: Because of exceptional circumstances, there are delayed deliveries for AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X processors. If you order an AX101, we estimate that we will be able to deploy it during calendar week 12. Thank you for your understanding.