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  • 4. February 2020

    konsoleH: New security feature for databases

    Starting now you can use a new feature to secure the databases on your Hetzner Online web hosting account. It lets you change your database settings to allow only encrypted access in MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    To do this, simply log into your account, and then go to "Settings; Databases" in the menu. Look for the gear icon next to the database name, and click on it to edit the settings. Under "Additional settings", check the box next to "Force SSL". After this, the feature will block unencrypted connection attempts to the database.

    Please remember, however, that SSL encryption slows connection speeds slightly. In addition, don't forget to set SSL for all connections that you want to allow, including the client. You can find guides in our customer wiki for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    Set it up now!

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