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  • 18. January 2021

    The new storage giants — Perfect for large amounts of data

    Do you need a large amount of secure storage resources for your sensitive data? Our line of high-capacity fifth-generation storage servers are waiting for you. The combination of HDDs and NVMe SSDs ensures improved performance and makes it perfect for your high-storage use case, whether it's archiving, backing up or administering your data, or for multimedia, databases, or file servers. Profit from our SX servers' high accessibility and dependibility. The 16 TB enterprise HDDs for these models support hot-swapping, allowing you to switch out hard drives without experiencing downtime, and you can set the software RAID level of your choice. 

    The entry model, the SX63, comes with 4 x 16 TB enterprise HDDs. The other two models take it to the next level. We've equipped both with speedy data center NVMe SSDs —  2 x 960 GB for the SX133, and 2 x 1.92 TB for the SX293. Plus you'll say "oooh" for the oodles of HDDs; the SX133 comes with 10 x 16 TB, while the SX293 has a whopping 14 x 16 TB. We've mounted all three models with Intel Xeon processors and between 64 to 256 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM goodness. 

    All this storage can be yours, starting at just € 69 a month and a one-time setup fee!

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